Justin Lane

Justin Lane

DPhil Student

St Peter's College

Thesis title: The evolution of doctrinal religions: Using semantic network analysis and computational models to examine the evolutionary dynamics of large religions

Research interests: Social stability, computer modeling, social transitions, consensus, social network analysis, Artificial Intelligence, big data, conflict, social identity, simulation

Other research interests: demographics, behavioral economics, finance, archaeology, biblical studies


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Jong, J., Whitehouse, H., Kavanagh, C., Lane, J.E. (2016). "Shared Negative Experiences Lead to Identity Fusion Via Personal Reflection". PLoS One. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0145611

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Lane, J.E. (2014). “Method, Theory, and Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence: Creating computer models of complex social interaction.” Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion, 1(2), 161-180.

Email: justin.lane@spc.ox.ac.uk
URL: oxford.academia.edu/JustinELane 

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